4 Industrial Computers That Have An Advanced Design

When a computer will be used in an industrial environment, an advanced design should be chosen. Although a Windows PC or Mac can be bought, it might not be entirely suitable for carrying out complex tasks. When searching for an advanced industrial computer, there are many options available:


There are several individual computers under the KISS 4U EATX range. Able to operate in temperatures of up to 50ºC, this range of computers can withstand a lot of movement, such as vibrations.

When put in a testing environment, such as underground, it won’t be damaged no matter how much force is happening around it. There are many situations that a KISS 4U EATX computer can be used in – medical imaging, entertainment and information systems are examples of such. With a high amount of storage, the computers under the KISS 4U EATX range can each store considerable volumes of data.

Box PC

Integratable computers, Box PC’s are available in a small design. Box PC’s can even be used in industrial environments where they will constantly be put under pressure. When a Box PC is used for creating high quality graphics, it will be able to cope. With a lightweight design, it is perfect for various environments.

Along with gaming and where medical instruments are made, a Box PC is also ideal for Process Control situations. Dependable types of computers, a Box PC can even be purchased for an office that is located near machines.

Embedded Fanless Box PC

An Embedded Fanless Box PC is designed for other environments that are more testing than others, such as industrial firewalls. If an industrial company has a large firewall where sensitive data has to be protected, an Embedded Fanless Box PC can offer ultimate protection. Although it doesn’t have a fan, temperatures are kept to an optimum level through an extensive cooling system.

Even when an advanced industrial computer such as this is operated constantly, maintenance isn’t necessarily required. With a compact design, an Embedded Fanless Box PC can be mounted onto any space. As there are various models to choose from, many options are available before making a final decision.

Rack Mount Systems

In an industrial environment, a lot of noise can be created by the various machines that are grouped together either in a small space or a large area. Rack Mount Systems are designed to minimize the noise that’s caused. When many Rack Mount Systems are placed together, not only will they make hardly any noise but they can be used for carrying out various tasks.

Although concerns can be raised about the amount of heat that’s produced by a Rack Mount System, they don’t apply to this advanced industrial computer. Designed to produce minimal heat, many Rack Mount Systems can be put in the same space, often with little or no ventilation. As Rack Mount Systems also have a shock proof design, they can be bought for industrial environments and placed alongside many other large machines.